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Pro Fastening Newsletter September 2015

Pro Fastening System, Inc   What's in the news at PRO? Here are some milestones and events worth mentioning:

Pro Fastening System, Inc  
Congratulation to our incredible VP Finance Amy Petta on her recent marriage! 2016 will be Amy's 20th year at PRO and we are super lucky to have her in the PRO family and to know her as a person. Congrats Amy!
Pro Fastening System, Inc  
The leader of our extremely busy paintline, Terri Hayes, has been with PRO for 25 years! Terri has the amazing ability to remain calm, cool, and collected, even under the busiest of times. Did you ever forget to order painted screws? Terri has most likely saved your bacon a time or two!

Pro Fastening System, Inc   Suuuuucheck! Dave Suchecki is going to be married in April 2016. Since Dave started at PRO in 1983, he has had a lot of nicknames. There was "Wrong Way Suchecki" after his initial delivery run got him back to the shop at 8 PM, or "The Mighty Sucheck," for hitting his sales forecast 18 months in a row (a PRO record). Dave has been with our Indianapolis branch since 1989 after starting in Arlington Heights, IL over 32 years ago! Congrats Dave!

Pro Fastening System, Inc

Expanding stock at PRO

Pro Fastening System, Inc
Firestone Building Products - We are stocking Firestone Roofing accessories in IL, including ISO Twin Pack, bonding adhesive, lap sealant, primer, tapes, fasteners, and more!

Pro Fastening System, Inc
Flexmaster USA HVAC Products - PRO is now a stocking distributor for Flexmaster USA. Along with Flexmaster products we are stocking accessories like Duct Seal, UL 181 tapes, Gripple, Sammys, and stainless steel hose clamps.

Pro Fastening System, Inc
BASF water repellents and construction chemicals - our Chicago Ink Smith, Inc. location stocks a full line of BASF water repellents, waterproofing membranes, deck coating systems, and the related accessories. Need more info? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 773-777-5825. Your PRO credit account is also valid at Ink Smith, Inc.

Coming up in the next newsletter
Pro Fastening System, Inc  
An update on the 1969 Lund aluminum fishing boat that has become a testing ground for HER Sealant from ER Systems.

A list of some of the more memorable and noteworthy jobs PRO has supplied in the past 35 years.
Pro Fastening System, Inc  
Possibly, an in-depth interview with a famous Chicago area roofer and former model in the roofing trade magazines. Send me your guesses (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) on who this mystery roofer might be and I'll give 1 lucky winner an Amazon gift card.
Pro Fastening System, Inc  
After years and years of requests for PRO to stock and sell welders we think we found our manufacturing partner. Details in the next newsletter!
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Pro Fastening Newsletter September 2014

Pro Fastening System, Inc   What's new at PRO? 2014 is speeding by and business continues to thrive at Pro Fastening Systems, Inc. Thank you to our customers, vendors, and employees for almost 35 years of business!

Pro Fastening System, Inc  
And speaking of our employees - WOW, do we have a good core! A few stats:
  • Our 4 branch managers have a combined tenure of 84 years at PRO!
  • Our owner has been leading PRO since day 1, after spending 9 years at ITW Buildex, which adds up to 44 years of industry experience!
  • Our in-house, expert painter, has been running our paintline for 24 years!!!
  • We have 6 active employees who started in the 80's, and another 6 that started in the 90's.
Bottom line, we have a fun company with a lot of dedicated and talented employees. It is also a testament to our industry; we are proud to be a distributor to the commercial contractors that build this country.

Pro Fastening System, Inc  
Need a sealant? Technical info? Color charts? If you haven't checked out our selection of sealants, water repellents, waterproofing, and all the accessories including caulk guns and joint preparation products, please stop by our updated section here:

Pro Fastening System, Inc

Pro Fastening System, Inc   Our Arlington Heights, IL branch has recently expanded their stock of Firestone roofing accessories. Yes, these are OEM labeled product, good for all your Firestone jobs, warranty or out of warranty. And Firestone is not the only OEM that PRO stocks - we sell adhesives and fasteners for almost every major roofing manufacturer. Call your PRO branch for a quote. Don't forget, we buy big and can often pass on some savings on applicator equipment, like the Pace Cart 2 or battery tools.

Pro Fastening System, Inc  
Did you know that we offer training sessions? PRO brings in experts from the industry to offer training sessions on topics like: Roof Coatings, PACE CART 2 maintenance, and more. Want to see a specific topic covered? Get in touch with your PRO rep and we will get it rolling.
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Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 02

News and Notes:

Pro Fastening Systems, Inc., along with the support of our great customers made a donation to the Sandy Hook School Support Fund. We donated a portion of our sales and also had a generous contribution from our valued customer, Waukegan Roofing.

Pro Fastening Systems is pleased to be a preferred vendor of Tecta America in 2013. We enjoyed being a part of the TectaExpo in 2013. Our four locations are stocked with screws and adhesives, repair tapes, cement, and all the fastener and caulking needs on the architectural metal side, and we have the ability to ship quickly to any Tecta location.

We look forward to our annual PRO/Buildex golf outing at Geneva National Golf Club in Lake Geneva, WI this August. Pro has been a distributor for ITW Buildex for over 30 years. We will also be on hand at the annual Chicago Roofing Contractors Association golf outing and the Wisconsin Roofing Contractors Association this summer.

Product Focus:

Pro Fastening Systems stocks a lot of caulking and sealants. We buy Sonneborn NP-1 by the truckload along with TX-1, 150 W/VLM, SL-1, NP-2, adhesives, Clear 25 and more. Pro also offers high quality Tremco products like Spectrem 2 and Vulkem 116. We stock quality caulk guns to handle cartridges, sausages, or bulk. Call us for a quote or to order.

Did you know?

A 2500 RPM screw gun will provide optimum performance when using self-drilling screws. We stock DeWalt screw guns – give us a call for a quote.


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Pro Fastening Newsletter January 2014

Can HER Sealant save an old fishing boat?
I bought a 1969 Lund C-14 fishing boat a year and a half ago. The boat was a bargain - but as most old aluminum boats will do, it leaks. My original plan was to remove the old paint and seal all of the rivets and seams with epoxy. I attempted to remove the paint with an angle grinder, but gave up on that method pretty quickly. Next I tried chemicals, but gave up on that quickly as well - too much prep work and mess and not the results I was hoping for.

These failures led me to think of an alternative - and preferably something we had on the shelf at PRO. HER Sealant from ER Systems came to mind. I pressure washed the rivets and seams, did a little extra cleaning, and went to work with the HER. I used 3 sausages, coating all of the inside rivets, seams, and a couple seams on the outside. I was very pleased with the level of adhesion and the coverage rate.

Olyflow Olyflow

The HER is holding strong and the leaks are dramatically decreased. The boat has been out a handful of times on Lake Mendota in Madison, WI in a huge range of temperatures, and the HER has remained completely bonded and shows no sign of failure. This winter I’ll apply HER to the rest of the rivets and seams in a quest to make a 1969 AL boat leak free.

Click here for more info on the versatile HER Sealant - in stock at PRO
Thank you from Pro Fastening Systems

We would like to say thank you for making 2013 the most successful year in nearly 34 years of business at Pro Fastening Systems. 2013 saw 4 record sales months at PRO- no small feat for a company that’s been around for a while.

Our success is a testament to the hard work of our customers, vendors, and employees. Thank you!
See you at the CRCA Show in January 2014

We hope to see many of you at the Chicago Roofing Contractors Association trade show January 23-24, 2014. The CRCA continues to be the premier roofing trade show in the Midwest and PRO has been there since day one.

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Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 01

Welcome to the first edition of our News and Info section on our newly redesigned Pro Fastening Systems, Inc. has been going strong for 33 years and we are proud to introduce our new, updated, and informative website. This News and Info section will serve as a place to keep up to date on news at Pro, learn about new products, hear from our manufacturers, and more. On our site you’ll find an online catalog with pdf data sheets and MSDS sheets of many of our products. Our online catalog will continue to grow with more products added on a regular basis. We look forward to the expansion into e-commerce as well. If you have any suggestions for what you would like to see here, send them along to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Recent News

In 2012 Pro Fastening Systems purchased Ink Smith, Inc. Ink Smith is a distributor specializing in caulks, sealants, and waterproofing products. The branch is conveniently located on Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago. The acquisition helps bolster the Pro Fastening Systems caulk and sealant product offering while at the same time bringing new fastening products and accessories to the Ink Smith shelves. Ink Smith is managed by Scott Schiller and he can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (773) 777-5825.

In January, Pro Fastening Systems participated as an exhibitor at the annual Chicago Roofing Contractors Association (CRCA) trade show for the 30th straight year (every year of the show’s existence). This year we offered a training session on ER Systems roof coatings and repair products the day before the show. Pro Fastening Systems offers training and product demonstrations throughout the year. Some of our sessions offer continuing education credits.

February 1st marked the completion of 33 years of business for Pro Fastening Systems. Today we are four locations strong and offer more than ever to commercial contractors across the Midwest and nationally. We have continued to grow, even through challenging economic times, which is a testament to our employees and our customers.

March marks the launch of our redesigned website just in time for the start of the busy construction season.

Product Spotlight

Still using a manual applicator for your roofing adhesive? Check out these options for dispensing roofing insulation adhesive:

Weather-Tite One-Step Battery Powered Single Bead Applicator

  • No hoses
  • Simple and effective for all jobs


Weather-Tite One-Step Battery
Pneumatic Single Bead Applicator

  • Economical choice
  • Ideal for any size job

Weather-Tite One-Step Battery Powered Multi-Bead Plus Applicator

  • Fastest installation of cartridges
  • Ideal for large jobs that require high productivity

OMG Pace Cart 2

  • Lowest installed cost method of application
  • 30' foot hose allow for flexibility around penetrations
  • Ideal for any size job

Did you know?

Roofing fasteners need to penetrate steel deck a minimum of ¾".

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