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Karnak 19 Flashing Cement, 3 Gallon Pails

19 Flashing Cement is a general purpose cement for repairing leaks in shingles, concrete, metal or asphalt roofs, flashings on walls, chimneys, flues, downspouts and cornices. It is excellent for sealing cracks in concrete and brick, as a joint filler for precast roof slabs and for general purpose use in maintenance of exposed buildings and structures.

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Karnak 19 Flashing Cement, 3 Gallon Pails Winter
Karnak 19 Flashing Cement, 3 Gallon Pails Summer


Karnak 19 Flashing Cement is a scientifically compounded composition of selected asphalts, mineral fibers, and refined solvents that are manufactured to a heavy consistency for application by trowel to provide a durable, elastic coating of excellent adhesion and high resistance to water and weathering. This product dries to a tough, flexible, waterproof and corrosion proof coating which gives excellent performance over wide ranges of temperature and weather conditions. Pro Fastening Systems stocks 19 Flashing Cement in 2 consistencies: Summer and Winter.


  • Consistency: A smooth, heavy trowel consistency which will readily spread on and adhere to vertical and horizontal surfaces without sagging.
  • Character of Dried Film: Uniform, excellent adhesion to masonry, steel, cured concrete, shingles, asphalt roofing and a variety of other surfaces.
  • The dried film retains its flexibility and ductility so that the coating will resist extreme variations in temperature and weather.
  • Has excellent resistance to flow at high temperatures when used on a vertical surface.