Millennium One Step™ Night Seal® 1,500 ml Cartridge Set (4 cartridges per box)

Millennium One Step™ Night Seal® is a highly elastomeric, solvent free, quick setting, foam sealer. The unique formulation results in a foam that has a weatherproof “skin”. Millennium One Step™ Night Seal® sets in minutes, and is designed for use with our One Step™ application process.

Sold in 1,500 ml cartidge set (4 cartridges per box)


Millennium One Step™ Night Seal® is designed for use as a quick and reliable sealer at temporary tie-in locations between new roof covers and existing roof systems. Millennium One Step™ Night Seal® eliminates the need for messy asphalt mastics and bitumens or less reliable porous surface foams.

• Ready to use, requires no pre-mixing, reduces labor costs
• No temperature restrictions, suitable for all climates
• One Step™ Technology Easy to apply
• Solvent free, essentially VOC free, no odors
• Elastomeric Remains flexible, absorbs stresses
• Low rise foam accommodates minor surface irregularities
• Unique weatherproof “skin” waterproof tie-ins within minutes

Sold in 1,500 ml cartridge set (4 cartridges per box)