Ramset GypFast G2 Tool (Includes 2 batteries, charger, safety glasses, manusal, and case)

Fully automatic cordless gas fastening system for attaching exterior sheathing to light gauge steel framing.

1 1/2″ and 2 1/2″ pin/fuel packs available.

This tool exclusively uses GypFast coil nails, manufactured by ITW Ramset.


G2 SellSheet


Ramset GypFast G2 Tool

Typical Applications:
• Exterior Gypsum sheathing to steel framing
• Plywood and OSB sheathing/flooring
• Fiber cement panel attachment
• Blocking
• Exterior walls
• Windows/door bucks
• Specialty exterior sheathing attachment
• Woven wire mesh or expanded metal lath to steel framing

• Fully automatic system with 150 nail capacity is 3-5 times faster than screwing.
• Fast set-up and tear down – insert battery, fuel cell and nail coil – eliminates need for extension cord, hoses and compressors.
• Aggressive, patented nail shank design provides high pullout performance.
• Contoured bugle head style provides high pullover (wind) resistance.
• Long life coating is 10 times more corrosion resistant than electro-zinc plating.
• Woven wire mesh or expanded metal lath to steel framing
• 2 year warranty