Product SKU: RFGVF15

Versi-Foam System 15 Polyurethane Foam Kit

Versi-Foam System 15 is packaged in one carton and includes the two chemical components, our patented U-Control dispensing gun attached to two 10 foot hoses, ten mixing nozzles, three fan tips, and nitrile gloves. System 15 will produce 198 square feet of cured foam at a 1″ thickness, or 16.5 cubic feet.


Versi-Foam® Systems 1, 9, 15, and 50 are disposable, closed-cell, low-pressure spray foam kits consisting of two
chemical components (Component A: isocyanate and Component B: polyol blend), patented U-Control dispensing
gun, two multi-purpose mixing nozzles (System 1) or ten multi-purpose mixing nozzles (Systems 9, 15, and 50),
nitrile gloves, and packet of petroleum jelly. They do not require any external power source.

• Versi-Foam® products do not contain any CFC’s, Penta-BDE’s, VOC’s, or Urea- Formaldehyde.
• Published yields are theoretical and vary based on several factors, including ambient conditions and specific application
• Always use recommended personal protective equipment when using polyurethane foam products. Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet for additional information on safe use and handling of Versi-Foam® Systems.