Product SKU: RFGMILA21

Millennium One Step Foamable Adhesive® Cartridge Set (4 cartridges per box)

Millennium One Step Foamable Adhesive® is a highly elastomeric, all-purpose, foamable adhesive that contains no solvents, sets in minutes, and is designed for use with our One Step™ application process.

Sold in boxes of 4 cartridges (1,500 ml total)


Millennium PG-1 Pump Grade Adhesive is designed for use as an adhesive for bonding approved roof insulations to a building’s structural roof deck, base sheets, other insulation boards, and smooth or graveled built-up roof surfaces. It is dispensed 1/2” to 3/4” (1.3cm to 1.9cm) wide liquid beads that will quickly spread to a width of 2-3 inches. Millennium PG-1 Pump Grade Adhesive will expand and rise to fill minor surface irregularities.

Approved Insulations and Substrates
• HD wood fiber
• Polyisocyanurate
• Perlite (upon approval)
• Polystyrene
• Gypsum cover board
• Asphaltic cover boards
• Concrete
• Gypsum roof deck
• Cementitious wood fiber
• Wood or steel
• Mineral wool
• Lightweight insulating concrete
• Modified bitumen membranes and base sheets (sanded or granule surfaced)
• Approved insulations (multi-layer applications)
• Smooth or gravel surface built-up roof (re-roof applications)

Part 1 and Part 2 mixed through an approved low pressure pump cart will produce the following coverage rates:
5 Gallon (18.9L) Kit: 2,500-3,000 sq. ft. (232m2-279m2)
15 Gallon (56.7L) Kit: 7,500-9000 sq. ft. (697m2-836m2)
50 Gallon (189L) Kit: 25,000-30,000 sq. ft. (2,323m2-2,787m2)